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Handrail like a Wall

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Handrail to support self-independent life

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Schematic Diagram of Tesrix

 Tesrix , a auxiliary handrail, is designed on the basis of universal design. We reconsider the usual concept of auxiliary handrail thoroughly. Regardless of the difference of the degree how they can move their body or the difference of their figures, people can use Tesrix equally. Tesrix looks as if it were a wall itself. Also, it looks to be safety and very beautiful when it is installed.
Moreover, Tesrix has high flexibility of installation. To some degree, you can install where you like.
ve developed Tesrix as a product able to support the self-independence life in the future aging society.

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After installation

Example of Installation for Bathroom.

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After installation

Example of installation for restroom


Manufactures Manual(pdf)

Execution-Manual of Tesrix(pdf)

Example of installation of Tesrix

25 th International Welfare Instrument Exhibition

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How to get Tesrix

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